.NET CIL interpreter in F#

11/1/2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

I’ve prepared a compact .NET CIL interpreter called Fint in pure F# for NskDotNet Meetup #6.

It can run C# programs with the following features at this point:

  • all control flow statements (if, for, switch, etc)
  • arithmetic operations including bitwise one
  • boolean algebra operators
  • string concatenation
  • static function calls
  • Console.WriteLine calls

It can be easily extended with other features.

Some code in this project is just ported from PageFX project I wrote about recently.

It would be nice to try porting Fint to JavaScript using Fable and run .NET binary code right in a browser. Later we can try to port Roslyn C# compiler to WASM with Blazor compiler and build online tutorial that:

  • compiles small C# program to .NET PE file in browser
  • runs .NET PE file in browser
  • shows CIL code for given method
  • provides debugging experience of CIL instruction set

This could be a great web resource to help learning .NET code at low-level.

If you like Fint project please stargaze it on github.

Here is a recording of my presentation. Sorry for speaking so boring 😄