Telepromter Sample

8/7/2020 • ☕️ 1 min read

Hello! My name is Sergey. I am a full stack developer Russia. I’ve been writing computer programs more than 15 years now and I still having fun doing this. I am polyglot programmer and I learn new languages and try new things quite easily. For example, currently I am learning Rust and trying to leverage WebAssembly technology in my current company. Usually I play full stack roles, but it is ok to focus only on frontend development. For frontend development I love using React because it is driven by functional programming techniques. But it is ok to me working on a project that uses VueJS or AngularJS. For backend development my best choice is dotnet core nowadays. But it is ok to me working on a project that uses Java, Golang or Rust as primary language for backend development.

I might be the one who will write a lot of useful bits in your digital product. Thank you for watching this introduction and if you like it please go ahead and try to hire me 😄