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Personal Details

Type Value
Name Sergey Todyshev
Location Berdsk, Russia
Skype sergey.todyshev
Telegram sergey_todyshev
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About me

I’m a software engineer with 18 years of professional experience. I have expert knowledge in C#, TypeScript and many other languages I use to develop amazing products. I am still productive and do things proactively. I am simplifier and optimizer. Efficiency, readability and simplicity matters for me.

Please learn more about me acting as software engineer.


  • English - Level B2+ (IELTS academic 2018)
  • Russian - native

Skills Overview

  • Development of complex web apps usually fullstack
  • Application-level programming
  • System-level programming
  • DevOps automation
  • Testing automation

Technical Skills

Summary of all projects with years of experience:

Backend Frontend Databases DevOps & Tools
C# 10+ TypeScript 5+ PostgreSQL 5+ Git 10+
Java 3+ JavaScript 10+ MongoDB 1+ Bash 5+
Golang 3+ HTML5 5+ SQLite 10+ Linux 5+
.NET Core 1+ CSS3 5+ MS SQL Server 1+ Docker 5+
.NET 10+ ReactJS 5+ Dgraph 1+ Jenkins 3+
WildFly 3+ Redux 3+ ElasticSearch 5+ TeamCity 10+
NodeJS 5+ VueJS 1+ Jest 5+
ExpressJS 5+ Angular 1+ Webpack 5+
GraphQL 1+ GulpJS 5+
WebAssembly 0.5

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PhD student at Institute of IAE, Novosibirsk Jun 2004 – Aug 2007

Put hands on implementation of:

As you can see I’ve done tons of useful stuff here

Master at Novosibirsk State University Sep 1999 – Jun 2004

Faculty of Information Technologies. Master degree. 4+ GPA. Computers, Complexes, Systems and Networks.

Work Experience Jan 2002 - now

Senior Full-Stack Developer at DEI.AI Oct 2020 - now

Here I am unicorn developer in this startup doing all core development of multiple services and product lines.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Leading development of a project
    • Assisting junior developers
    • Managing AWS resources and services
    • Automating error-prone operations
  • Number of team members: 3
  • PM Organization: Lean
  • Tools: NodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, React, Jest, Webpack, AWS, MongoDB, Metabase

Senior Full-Stack Developer at Turing Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Making language tools to help people communicate better and more efficiently

  • Responsibilities:

    • Leading development of a project
  • Number of team members: 4
  • PM Organization: Lean
  • Tools: NodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, React, Jest, Webpack

    Tech Lead at GrapeCity Oct 2018 - Oct 2020

DataViewsJS - JavaScript Data Presentation and DataGrid platform

  • Responsibilities:

    • Leading development of a project
    • Modernization of architecture, tooling and automated testing
    • Implementation of new features and technical support
    • Making Web Components with efficient data processing and visualizations
  • Number of team members: 5
  • PM Organization: Lean
  • Tools: NodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, React, Angular, VueJS, Jest, Webpack, GulpJS

WebAssembly Research

  • Responsibilities: Adopting Rust and WebAssembly to build new features in spreadsheet product line
  • Number of team members: 7
  • PM Organization: Lean
  • Tools: Rust, WebAssemly, Webpack, JavaScript

Tech Lead at Xored Jan 2016 - Jun 2018

Spirent Veclity - Lab Automation Platform

  • Responsibilities:

    • Leading a team of 10-15 full-stack engineers having hands on coding 50% of time, also reviewing code and writing proposals
    • Finding efficient solutions especially to tackle customer-faced scalability issues
    • Direct communication with customers investigating and fixing incidents on production systems
    • Direct communication with product owner and management groups helping solving business problems using the full spectrum of technologies available and knowledge of the product capabilities
  • Number of team members: 20+ (distributed team)
  • PM Organization: Agile Waterfall
  • Tools: Java 8, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, WildFly, Apache Kafka, Spirent iTest, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS, Python, Golang

Full Stack Software Engineer at DataWorks Jun 2007 - Jan 2016

  • Making better ActiveReports Server platform and ActiveReports product lines.
  • Particularly optimized RDL report engine making it faster up to 10x times together with research team where I was a major driver.
  • Principal developer of PageFX compiler from .NET to AVM (Flash Player VM) bytecode successfully used to build multi-platform report viewer
  • Number of team members: 20+ (distributed team)
  • PM Organization: Scrum
  • Tools: C#, .NET, WinForms, JavaScript, ReactJS, Knockout, jQuery, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft VisualStudio

Full Stack Software Engineer at IAE Jun 2002 - Aug 2007


I’ve done major impact on:

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  • Playing table tennis
  • Travelling with family
  • Open Source contribution
  • Self-development