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August 14, 2019 • ☕️ 4 min read

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“Character is destiny” - Heraclitus

Name: Sergey Todyshev
Birthdate: 11.01.1981
Phone: +79132017700
Situation: Married, 2 children, 2 funny cats
Location: Berdsk, Russia
Email: stodyshev@gmail.com
Skype: sergey.todyshev
GitHub: https://github.com/sergeyt
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergeytodyshev
Latest update: 27 November 2019

I’ve been writing computer programs with passion for half of my life. I wrote a lot of software and fix thousands of bugs. And I am still engineer writing code almost every day.

I am small fish like those engineers who working hard and dedication driven to get useful things done. This makes me having mindset to solve problems pragmatically and proactively.

I love working on complex projects with positive and smart people around me.

I’ve been being involved in challenging projects ranging from

When working on a particular project I care about finding efficient and simple solutions. I care about making friendly interfaces that are easy to use correctly and hard to use incorrectly.

I’m currently happily employed by GrapeCity Inc and just keep going.


  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, F#, Java, Go, C/C++, Python, Bash, SQL
  • Frameworks: Spring, .NET, ASP.NET, Redux, Angular, Vue
  • Paradigms: Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming, Unit Testing, Aspect-oriented Programming, Microservices Architecture
  • Libraries/APIs: React
  • Tools: Git
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows, Docker, Azure Service Fabric


  • English - B2 (IELTS academic)
  • Russian - native


PhD student at Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Novosibirsk

June 2004 – August 2007

Put hands on implementation of:

Master at Novosibirsk State University

September 1999 – June 2004

Computers, Complexes, Systems and Networks. GPA: 4+

Work Experience

Tech Lead at GrapeCity

October 2018 - present

Working to make Web Components with efficient and asynchronous data processing and visualization on the client

Tech Lead at Xored

January 2016 - June 2018

Full Stack Software Engineer at DataWorks

June 2007 - January 2016

  • Worked to make better ActiveReports Server platform and ActiveReports product lines.
  • Particularly optimized RDL report engine making it faster up to 10x times together with super dev team
  • Principal developer of PageFX compiler from .NET to AVM (Flash Player VM) bytecode successfully used to build multi-platform report viewer

Full Stack Software Engineer at Institute of Automation and Electrometry

June 2002 - August 2007

  • PhD student at laboratory of diffractive optics
  • Automation of laser writing machines
  • Development of computer aided tools for interferometry and tomography


  • Scott Willeke from Smartsheet (scott@willeke.com)
  • Oleg Zaimkin from DataWorks (oleg.zaimkin@grapecity.com)
  • Yuriy Kashnikov from Xored (yuriy.kashnikov@protonmail.com)


  • Playing table tennis
  • Travelling with family