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TL;DR 18 years of experience in server and client-side development. Areas of expertise: Architecture, Web and API development, .NET, C#, SQL, Web API, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Java, Go, Rust, Git, Agile. I don’t afraid to learn and try new things and make crazy stuff like a cross compiler

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Hey there! I am Sergey Todyshev. I am software engineer with over 15 years of professional experience making software products for humans. Usually I play full-stack roles. You can email me to get technical support or maybe even hire me.

I can do

in short both application-level and system-level programming with any kind of complexity

Tools used to built this site

It is fork of overreacted.io.

What kind of content can you expect to find here?

Obviously about programming, table tennis and other things that I decided to write about πŸ˜„


Please note that content in this blog and opinions are my own.